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Growing Pains – Defining Moment

Jan 13, 2020/Podcast

Sharna Prasad, PT, DPT, discusses how self-reflection makes a path clear.

Work Hard, Play Big – Defining Moment

Jul 26, 2019/Podcast

Kelley Hutto, PT, discusses how she honors her son and serves children with special needs.

Dedicated to Diversification – Defining Moment

Apr 1, 2019/Podcast

Student Jessica Nguyen, SPT, spreads a message of inclusion.

Town Hall With Jimmy Pacini, PTA

Aug 27, 2018/Podcast

Live Student Assembly chat with Jimmy Pacini, PTA.

The Power of Goals: Defining Moment

Nov 1, 2018/Podcast

They’re important in hockey. They’re vital to empowerment in life.

Class Action - Defining Moment

Sep 12, 2018/Podcast

Students identify and meet a need. Patients with cancer benefit.

Financial Literacy

Apr 23, 2018/Podcast

Stephanie Bird of Enrich and Jenny Large of Laurel Road provide tips and guidelines for becoming more financially savvy.

Life as a PT Begins at 40

May 4, 2018/Podcast

A second career fulfills a first love.

CSM 2018: Blood Flow Restrictions

Mar 19, 2018/Podcast

Johnny Owens, PT, MPT, and Stephania Bell, PT, discuss blood flow restriction training within physical therapy.

Navigating Burnout

Feb 12, 2018/Podcast

Mike Connor, PT, DPT, shares practical tips and advice for avoiding burnout during and after PT or PTA school.