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Medicare Telehealth Coverage for Physical Therapists

May 7, 2020/Podcast

We discuss what’s happening in Medicare in relation to telehealth and what APTA is doing to continue to advocate on behalf of the profession.

Proposed Rules, Wins, and Telehealth - Advocacy and Regulatory Update

May 19, 2021/Podcast

APTA's monthly advocacy and regulatory update covers multiple topics from the perspective of what's happened, what's hot right now, and what to keep an eye on in the future. In this episode: SNF and IRF rules, a sequestration win, telehealth, and more.

Population Health: Where Do PTs and PTAs Fit?

Apr 7, 2021/Podcast

While one-to-one care is the main focus of most physical therapy providers, looking at the health of a population — however you define it — can reveal patterns and obstacles that can be addressed. The topic is especially timely, as this week is National Public Health Week, and April 7 is World Health

Regulatory and Advocacy Update, April 2021

Apr 14, 2021/Podcast

This episode: telehealth legislation, information blocking, and more.

Emergency Care, Learning Center Workshop, COVID-19 — Practice Update

Aug 31, 2021/Podcast

APTA's monthly practice update: in this episode: physical therapists in emergency care, learning center resources, COVID-19, and more.

APTA Practice Update: APTA Lecture Series, New CPGs, Digital Health, and More

Sep 21, 2022/Podcast

Stay on top of developments in PT practice: APTA staff experts on new learning opportunities, the latest clinical practice guidelines available, and exactly what's meant by the term "digital health."

New PTJ Podcast Previews June Special Issue on Infant and Child Development

May 28, 2019/Article

Topics include sensor technology and device development, approaches to measurement and assessment using emerging technology, and perception-action.

Defining Moment: What More Could I Wish For?

Jun 1, 2022/Podcast

A home visit to a patient with an intriguing background leads a PT back to the profession.

An Early Look at the Proposed 2022 Fee Schedule

Jul 22, 2021/Podcast

The proposed 2022 Medicare fee schedule is here, and as expected, cuts and the PTA differential are moving forward.

APTA Live: Financial Wellness

Apr 20, 2021/Podcast

APTA Student Assembly Board of Directors talk with experts about what you need to know about your financial wellness, student debt and refinancing, spending habits, and more.