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Dry Needling

Dry needling in physical therapy is increasing, yet the intervention is included in the PT scope of practice in some states but not others.

State Laws and Regulations Governing Dry Needling Performed by PTs

Jul 19, 2022/Infographic

This map displays the states that specifically allow dry needling by PTs, states that prohibit the intervention by PTs, and states in which a clear opinion has not surfaced.

Considering Providing Dry Needling Services?

Mar 1, 2021/Column

Understand your professional, legal, and personal scopes of practice.

FSBPT Analysis of Competencies for Dry Needling by Physical Therapists

Jul 10, 2015/Report

In 2015, FSBPT set out to define what PTs must know and be able to do to perform dry needling safely and effectively. This study reveals the answers.

Dry Needling: Getting to the Point

May 1, 2015/Feature

Dry needling by physical therapists is a hot topic. What's fact? What's fiction? Take a look beneath the surface.

Dry Needling, Trigger Points, and Myofascial Pain Syndrome – #XchangeSA

Oct 7, 2019/Podcast

Joseph Donnelly, PT, DHS , discusses what you need to know about dry needling, trigger points, and myofascial pain syndrome and how physical therapy can work in these areas.

For Consumers: Dry Needling: What You Should Know

Aug 1, 2018/Website

This webpage from APTA's consumer-focused website provides an overview of the intervention, related equipment used, and the PT's role.

Study: Adding Dry Needling to Exercise for Shoulder Pain Could Reduce Broader Costs

Mar 21, 2018/Review

Adding trigger point dry needling to an exercise program for patients with chronic shoulder pain may be more cost-effective than exercise alone, according to a recent clinical trial.

TRICARE Balks at Covering TENS and Dry Needling

Mar 6, 2020/News

TRICARE calls TENS "no more effective than placebo" and labels dry needling for LBP "unproven."

North Carolina PTs Get Decisive Dry Needling Win

Mar 12, 2019/News

After a nearly 4-year battle, physical therapists (PTs) in North Carolina can finally claim victory in their fight to protect dry needling: last week, the state's acupuncture licensing board relented on its attempt to restrict the intervention, signing off on a settlement agreement in federal district

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Dry Needling: A Clinical Commentary.

Feb 3, 2023/Academic Journal

McAphee, Darius, Bagwell, Michael, Falsone, Sue
Subjects: SPORTS injuries treatment; MYOFASCIAL pain syndromes; AMERICAN Physical Therapy Association (1921- ); MYOFASCIAL pain syndrome treatment; NOCICEPTIVE pain

Effects of Trigger Point Dry Needling on Strength Measurements and Activation Levels of the Gluteus Medius: A Quasi-Experimental Randomized Control Study.

Feb 3, 2023/Academic Journal

Schneider, Eric, Moore, Elizabeth S., Stanborough, Rob, Slaven, Emily
Subjects: SKELETAL muscle physiology; EXERCISE tests; MUSCLE contraction; MYOFASCIAL pain syndromes; GLUTEAL muscles; MUSCLE strength; ELECTROMYOGRAPHY; STATISTICS; RESEARCH methodology; HEALTH outcome assessment; PRE-tests & post-tests; INFORMED consent (Medical law); RANDOMIZED controlled trials; DATA analysis; STATISTICAL sampling; MYOFASCIAL pain syndrome treatment

Immediate Effect of Dry Needling on the Viscoelastic Properties of a Trigger Point on the Infraspinatus Muscle Measured with MyotonPRO.

Feb 3, 2023/Academic Journal

Roch, Mélanie, Morin, Mélanie, Gaudreault, Nathaly

Effectiveness of Trigger Point Dry Needling for Plantar Heel Pain: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Jul 31, 2014/Research Reports


Plantar heel pain can be managed with dry needling

Blinding Strategies in Dry Needling Trials: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Aug 1, 2019/Musculoskeletal



Clinical Practice Guideline for Physical Therapy Assessment and Treatment in Patients With Nonspecific Neck Pain

Dec 3, 2017/Musculoskeletal


The Royal Dutch Society for Physical

Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Wet Ice, Dry Ice, and Cryogen Packs in Reducing Skin Temperature

Jun 30, 1987/Research

The purposes of this study were to evaluate and compare the ability of wet ice

Heat from Fluidotherapy®

Feb 28, 1981/Letters and Responses

<italic>To the Editor:</italic>

I am writing in regard to the

Comparison of In Vivo Temperatures Produced by Hydrotherapy, Paraffin Wax Treatment, and Fluidotherapy®

Sep 30, 1980/Articles

The effectiveness of a new heat modality, Fluidotherapy®, was compared with other

Actions of Hip Muscles

Feb 28, 1986/Practice

This article describes and explains the moment arm vector (MAV) concept, uses the

Foot Care for the Aging

Nov 30, 1988/Special Issue: Foot and Ankle

Age-related changes in the feet include alterations in the skin, which becomes