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This course is designed to provide an update regarding the treatment of persons with balance/vestibular disorders and the underlying  science.

The University of Pittsburgh’s continuing education course on vestibular rehabilitation is being offered again in 2021. Vestibular Rehabilitation: An Advanced Course and Update will be held virtually on May 7-8. The course includes updates from the previous course regarding the treatment of individuals with balance/vestibular disorders and the underlying science. Topics include central causes of dizziness (e.g., anxiety- and migraine-related dizziness), BPPV, concussion management, vestibular function testing, alternative therapies, pharmacotherapy, cervical dizziness, back-to-work and driving decisions, and innovative therapies for people with vestibular disorders. Each speaker is an expert from one of several disciplines including physical therapy, neurology, neuro-optometry, audiology, and psychiatry. Question-and-answer periods follow each session.

Keynote speakers are Joseph Furman, MD, PhD, and Susan Whitney, PT, DPT, ATC, FAPTA, board-certified neurologic clinical specialist, who will conduct the lab/cases together to provide a unique physician-physical therapist team perspective.

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