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Our monthly student social is a fun twist on the standard Zoom webinar – mixing expert discussion with live, camera-on Q&A with participants. This month's focus is on community health. 

Join us for an interactive conversation with Hadiya Green Guerrero, PT, DPT, and Zachary Rethorn, PT, DPT, PhD, as we focus on community health. Through this discussion, you’ll gain knowledge and access to tools and resources to provide prevention, health promotion, and wellness services to individuals and populations across the lifespan.

Our guests

Check out Facebook event page to let others know you're attending and share on social media. This is not required for participation.


A Note Before You Sign Up

  • You will need to login to Engage before seeing this opportunity.
  • Please sign up before 11:50 p.m., ET on Saturday, Oct. 16, 2021. A link to this Zoom event will be emailed to all participants on Sunday morning, Oct. 17.
  • Our event will start promptly at 7 p.m. ET.​ Once you're in, turn your camera on, queue up your questions, and be ready to engage with Hadiya and Zachary.

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