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Denials happen. So do successful appeals.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has attempted to refine its processes over the years, but denials are still disruptive and potentially time-consuming. It's important for you to understand Medicare's approach to refusing or questioning payment, because that knowledge can help inform and strengthen your appeal should you decide pursue that option.

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CMS Corrects RTM Code Denials Made in Error

Apr 14, 2023 / News

APTA's outreach sparked the change, to be made official in July. Until then, denied claims should be resubmitted.

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CMS has finalized a new pathway that could result in quicker coverage of cutting-edge FDA-approved medical devices.

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The final rule pushes payers toward more transparency and consistent deadlines for decisions.

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This CMS program is designed to help providers and suppliers reduce claim denials and appeals. Here's what to know if you're contacted.

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Providers with Medicare Part A or B appeals that have been waiting for a decision are being offered a new option.

CMS MAC Claims Review Process Will Move to More Targeted System

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CMS will move away from its current practice of randomly selecting claims for audit in favor of a more targeted approach that it hopes will streamline the process and result in fewer appeals.