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Telehealth shouldn't be for emergencies only.

The COVID-19 pandemic is making it clear: the use of telehealth by PTs and PTAs is not only appropriate, but effective in delivering effective care and expanding patient access to that care. Telehealth in physical therapy shouldn't be an emergency-only option.

Why It Matters

It's all about patient access. Telehealth provided by PTs and PTAs has been proven to produce good outcomes with little to no patient risk. Members of the physical therapy profession are trained to understand when telehealth is appropriate, and the technologies to support telehealth at both the patient and provider ends are easy to acquire.

Our Position

APTA strongly supports legislative and regulatory changes that permit PTs and PTAs to provide services via telehealth such as the Expanded Telehealth Access Act. This bipartisan bill permanently lists physical therapist and physical therapy assistants as authorized practitioners of telehealth under the Medicare program. The Public Health Emergency exemplified the need for patient choices when it comes to care. Now is the time to enact telehealth reforms.

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