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APTA's Leadership Congress, July 19-23, in Kansas City, Missouri, is an annual event that brings together leadership groups for several days of meetings to advance the association.

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This includes the APTA Board of Directors, leaders of APTA's chapters, sections, and academies, APTA's standing committees and the in-person House of Delegates meeting on July 21 and 22.

APTA Event Commitment

Your event, your community, your experience.

APTA is committed to creating a safe, inclusive, healthy, accessible, and environmentally sustainable event experience for APTA Leadership Congress. Steps we are taking to meet this commitment include:

Inclusivity: Making participants feel welcomed and included by ensuring the program venues are in compliance with ADA regulations; creating private lactation spaces; designating an all-gender bathroom; giving attendees the option to choose their pronouns on their badge; a land acknowledgement; and requesting attendee dietary restrictions during registration.
Safety: Creating an environment where participants are physically safe, including working with local partners to monitor crimes occurring within a certain radius of our event venue; hiring security to safeguard our space; learning and sharing how the emergency notification system works, especially for those with disabilities; stocking emergency response resources; and establishing protocols for reporting personal safety concerns to APTA staff.
Health: Providing health and wellness resources for attendees, including first aid and onsite EMTs; curating a list of the closest hospitals and urgent care locations, including women-specific health care options in Kansas and Missouri; documenting AED unit locations throughout the convention center; and establishing emergency response protocols for APTA staff.
Accessibility: Seeking reasonable accommodations to help participants have a meaningful and engaging experience, including collecting requests for special needs during registration; securing ADA hotel rooms as requested; making closed captioning available in select programs; and identifying accessible street crossings between venues.
Sustainability: Developing solutions to minimize our environmental footprint in the venues and throughout the surrounding community, including requesting all recycling, reuse, and food waste options from our venues; working with our caterers to donate all left over food to local food banks; providing event materials electronically; providing watercoolers at event venues and encouraging reusable water bottle use; and reusing signage as appropriate from year to year.

Making a Positive Impact in the Community

APTA is committed to promoting opportunities for members and attendees to make a positive impact on the needs of vulnerable health populations in the host locations of national events.

On Friday, July 19, APTA is hosting an engaging and impactful career exploration event for young members of the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Kansas City. The event features interactive discussions about physical therapy careers and fun activities to inspire and energize the students. Thank you to all the volunteers who made this event a success.