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I am obsessed with the human body.

When I took my first anatomy and physiology course in high school, I was hooked. I remember learning about the intricacies of the different systems of the body and being amazed at how they all work together.

My favorite structure and function to learn about was the musculoskeletal system. That probably should have been the first indicator of where I would head for my career, but I did not pick up on it then. I loved learning about how the body repairs damage to its own structures.

The human body absolutely fascinates me.

When I started to look at where I was going to go to college and what I would major in, I was happy to discover the field of kinesiology. It took my obsession with the body to another level. Not only could I learn more in-depth about the different systems of the body, but I could focus on how movement and exercise interacts with them. This was again another indication of my future career, but I still missed it.

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