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The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the important role of rehabilitation professionals and has catalyzed an important shift in physical therapist practice. I've read many posts and publications by colleagues who are playing a vital role on the front lines of this pandemic, and I am so proud of their efforts, and the efforts of so many other leaders in our profession who have quickly responded to ensure access to essential services while balancing the important priority of keeping our communities safe.

But I want to dedicate this to the other physical therapists — those who, during this time when health care workers are more integral than ever, instead have found themselves on the sidelines. I'm talking about those who have been furloughed, are unemployed, or are struggling with reduced hours and pay.

It's been a little less than one month since I was officially furloughed. I know I'm not alone: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of April, 14.7% of Americans have found themselves in a similar position.

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