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National Physical Therapy Month may be drawing to a close, but that's no reason to ease up on promoting the importance of physical activity.  It's a message that APTA will be emphasizing throughout our centennial year in 2021 — and one that PTs, PTAs, and physical therapy students are uniquely positioned to deliver as movement experts.

Even better, we're not alone in delivering it. Here's a roundup of recent coverage of physical activity in the media.

Keeping Active Is the Key to Managing Pain
From the Washington Post: "'Everyone wants a magic bullet,' she says, 'and physical activity is the closest thing we have.'"

Cut a Rug, Prevent a Fall
From the New York Times: "'The most important thing for physical activity to have a beneficial effect is that you stick with it — life long.'"

Even Small Amounts of PA Boost Health
From Science Daily: "Avoiding prolonged sedentary time and engaging in regular physical activity are key strategies for older Americans to improve their prospects for healthy aging."

Exercise Makes Handling Stress Easier
From the New York Times: "Exercise makes it easier to bounce back from too much stress, according to a fascinating new study with mice."

Revised American Cancer Society Recommendations Emphasize Exercise To Lower Cancer Risk
From Healthline: "The increase in exercise [recommendations] coincides with a study published June 18 that reported people with the most sedentary behavior have an 82 percent higher risk of dying from cancer than people with the least sedentary behavior."

Yes, Walking Is Exercise
From the Washington Post: "A 2015 review of 26 studies found that in people who have chronic muscle or joint pain, those who walked for exercise had less pain and better mobility than those who didn't exercise."

APTA's consumer website,, continues to be your go-to stop for resources to share with patients and consumers on physical activity, including handouts and graphics in our online toolkit.

For questions about the campaign, contact APTA's Public and Media Relations at

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