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The patient I was meeting on the computer had sought out our care through Temple University's pro-bono clinic. He had been experiencing knee pain since the pandemic started, after he took up running.

As I listened to his weekly reports of how his knee pain was progressing, with my supervising instructor also on the computer, I began to formulate a patient education and exercise program. I explained how he shouldn't push past his envelope of function as a beginner runner. I talked through different lower extremity exercises such as bridges and clamshells. We discussed different ways that he could perform the exercises at home since he didn't have any resistance bands with him.

Together, we formulated a plan. As the session was wrapping up, I felt a sense of relief that even during a pandemic, a time when human contact and physical interaction was limited, I was still able to provide care.

Who would have thought that I would be treating a patient under supervision of my instructor in the comfort of my own home, five steps from my bed, with the sounds of barking dogs and neighbors mowing their lawns in the background?

This was certainly not what I envisioned when I started PT school.

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