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As COVID-19 continues, physical therapy students are feeling the physical and emotional weight of navigating online learning, small group labs, maintaining clinical rotations, meeting graduation clinical hours, and trying to stay connected with our student cohort as another year of this pandemic rolls on. And, like practicing PTs and PTAs, we’re trying not to get knocked out by the invisible enemy, COVID-19.

How are we continuing to be resilient every day as we suit up with our masks, shields, gowns, and gloves to battle this virus and help the patients who need us? The resilience I see in my classmates and other PT and PTA students is bolstered not just by the PPE we wear on the outside, but more so the emotions, attitudes, and perspectives we foster internally. That's what is bringing us one step closer to our graduation and careers.

If you are struggling, here are some ways to help strengthen your resilience.

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