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The proposed 2022 Medicare physician fee schedule can seem complex (because it is), but when you get down to it, there are two main things to remember:

1. The rule contains payment cuts that threaten patient access to care.

2. You need to speak out about the harm that the cuts will do to the profession and to your ability to provide needed services — either right now via the APTA Patient Action Center, or alongside other PTs, PTAs, students, and supporters as part of our #FightTheCut virtual rally Sept 1 (actually you can and should do both).

Of course, there's much more worth knowing about the cuts. Where did they come from? How are they laid out in the proposed fee schedule? How bad are they, and what is APTA doing to advocate for the profession?

Here are six great resources to help you dig a little deeper, offered in formats to suit just about every taste, whether you prefer video, are more the podcast type, or feel like soaking up details by way of longer articles.

Two Videos: One on the Cuts to Payment, Another on the PTA Differential
Recently, APTA staff experts delivered two APTA Live events — a 30-minute take on the fee schedule and cuts overall, and a 45-minute exploration of the proposed 15% cut for services delivered by PTAs under Medicare. Both are easy-to-understand introductions to the issues and why it's so crucial to make your voice heard.

Two Podcasts: An Early Look at the Fee Schedule, A Deeper Dive Into How We're Pushing for Change
Looking for a convenient way to get up-to-speed while driving, exercising, or doing chores? Check out these APTA podcasts — one a basic overview just after the proposed rule was announced in late July, and the other a more recent conversation about the whys of the cuts and our strategy for fighting them. Each podcast lasts about 30 minutes.

Two Articles: Detailed Looks at the Payment Cuts and the PTA Differential — Origins, History, Where Things Stand, and What We're Doing
The cuts in the proposed fee schedule have a longer history than you might guess, and are related to legislative and other policy considerations that go beyond a simple decision to impose reductions. These long-form articles take a more in-depth look at the issues and include links to additional information from CMS and APTA. Learn more about the payment cuts and our years-long fight against them, and find out why the PTA differential may literally require an act of Congress to address.

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