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Too many Americans don’t move enough, but PTs and PTAs are perfectly positioned to address our country’s inactivity. That’s the message we’re sharing in our latest public awareness campaign, which is positioned to make a big impact during APTA's centennial year in  2021.

Much like our award-winning anti-opioid campaign launched in 2016, our new initiative will leverage the reach of the consumer-focused website to deliver our messages, including an enhanced ChoosePT toolkit with resources that members can share with patients and communities.

Also like that campaign, we will develop public service announcements for TV and radio, to be released next year along with a paid advertising campaign.

The campaign comes at a time when rates of physical inactivity remain static, if not on the increase, despite a wealth of research showing how even moderate amounts of physical activity can lead to better health — and longer life.

Campaign spokesperson Carrie Pagliano, PT, DPT, believes the opportunity for the profession to fuel a change in public health comes at the perfect time.

"Physical activity is the cornerstone of our profession, and a part of who we are as PTs and PTAs, regardless of our areas of practice," Pagliano said. "This effort not only plays to our strengths but brings us closer to our vision of a society transformed through movement."

Development of the campaign was assisted by an advisory group from the APTA Council on Health Prevention, Promotion, and Wellness.

Resources for consumers include a movement self-assessment and tips pages — and that's just the beginning: We'll add more throughout the year on various conditions and special populations. Members can count on plenty of graphics and other resources to share on social media, in their clinics, and in other settings.

When National Physical Therapy Month arrives in October, we'll mobilize members to spotlight the role of the profession in helping consumers to achieve their physical activity goals. And then we’ll turn up the volume in 2021 with our PSAs and advertising.

Given the increased attention, now is the perfect time for member PTs to ensure that their Find a PT profile is up to date so that consumers can contact them for an evaluation.

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