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APTA members are being alerted to be on the lookout for an important survey from the American Medical Association that will help to shape values for three new current procedural terminology, or CPT, codes.

In the coming days, a random sampling of members will receive a survey that focuses on three new CPT codes related to caregiver training without the patient present: a primary time-based code, an add-on code, and a service-based group code. The surveys are designed to determine the “professional work” value and time involved in the physical therapist’s provision of the services identified by each of these codes.

"Professional work value" includes the mental effort and judgment, technical skill, and psychological stress involved in providing the service.

APTA will submit the survey data to AMA’s Relative Value Scale Update Committee, a multispecialty committee whose purpose is to develop values for CPT codes based in part on survey data such as this. The RUC HCPAC will make a recommendation to CMS for the professional work value of these newly developed codes.

If you receive an email requesting your participation in the survey
it is critically important to take the time to complete it. Your responses will be anonymous.

To learn more about the RUC survey process, check out this AMA video.

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