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Billing for Your Services
Gain an understanding of various billing processes and options for billing for your services.

Cash Practice
Physical therapists are choosing an out-of-network, or cash-based, model for their practices.


Coding for Timed Codes
Over the years there has been much confusion over the coding of minutes when billing private payers. APTA recommends that, to the extent possible, billing be consistent to all payers.

Coding for Interventions (Current Procedural Terminology Codes)
When billing most third parties for physical therapist services, CPT codes are needed to describe the services that were rendered.

ICD-10 Resources
Review resources to help you with ICD-10 coding, guidelines, answers to most frequently asked questions, and case studies.

Medicare Coding and Billing
APTA’s regulatory experts keep you updated on changes to Medicare coding and billing.

Medicare National Correct Coding Initiative
CMS developed the NCCI to promote national correct coding methodologies and to control improper coding that leads to inappropriate payment in Part B claims.

Tiered Evaluation Codes
Since January 2017, PTs use three evaluation codes and one reevaluation code.


Coding Interpretations: Group Therapy patient Scenarios
APTA staff provide interpretation of the one-on-one and group codes, regarding the delivery of outpatient physical therapy services.