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Expanding Opportunities In a Compact Way

Dec 01, 2018 / Column

Do you want to provide physical therapist services in more than 1 state? The Physical Therapy Licensure Compact may help you achieve your goal.

Emerging Leaders and APTA Fellows: A Dialogue

Dec 01, 2018 / Feature

The career arc of a PT or PTA often spans many decades. And while the endpoints are separated by age and experience, the lessons learned along the way can be instructive at any point in the journey.

The Untrained Eye

Nov 01, 2018 / Column

Promising technology and a clinician who feels compromised.

Not 'Small Adults'

Nov 01, 2018 / Feature

Here's what PTs need to know about pediatric overuse injuries.

Professional Pulse

Oct 01, 2018 / Magazine

-Datapoints\r\n - Health Care Headlines\r\n - Research Roundup\r\n - Association Resources

Swirl of Emotions

Oct 01, 2018 / Column

Surviving a tornado reinforced a PT's career path.

Hard to Reconcile

Oct 01, 2018 / Column

A case in which 'old school' won't do.

Promoting Sleep: Not a Leap

Oct 01, 2018 / Feature

When PTs snooze on broaching the subject of sleep health, patients and clients lose.


Sep 01, 2018 / Magazine

Viewpoints: Online Comments

It's Time to Prioritize

Sep 01, 2018 / Column

The minutes are there if you look in the right places.

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