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Registry to Collect Torticollis Data Through Collaboration With Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy

Aug 22, 2017/News

The torticollis module will include more granular information, such as description of the type of cranial deformity and torticollis severity.

Problems With Humana Claims? Let APTA Know

Sep 26, 2017/News

PTs in several states are reporting claims difficulties with Humana's commercial and Medicare Advantage insurance plans.

PTNow Expands Resources, Offers New Search Experience

Sep 7, 2017/News

If you haven't checked out PTNow lately, you haven't checked out PTNow.

Study: Referral to Physical Therapy for LBP Reduces Odds of Later Opioid Prescription—Even When Patients Don't Follow Up on the Referral

Jan 2, 2018/Review

"Providing a physical therapy consult in place of an opioid prescription is a reasonable alternate strategy for pain management and improved function."

PT Role in Wound Management Team Reinforced in New White Paper

Mar 1, 2017/News

A new white paper that describes the current state of PTs in wound management.

From PT in Motion Magazine: Ethics Under Pressure

Mar 2, 2017/News

The magazine examines how external pressures can cloud the ability of PTs and PTAs to stay true to professional ethics.

With Health Care Reform Plan Still Unclear, APTA Signs Onto Coalition Letter to Preserve Rehab Services

Apr 26, 2017/News

APTA and other organizations are staking out their positions on policies that should remain no matter what.

Stereotype Threat: How Fear Led Me to Passion

Oct 3, 2018/Podcast

Ron Peacock, Jr, PT, DPT, describes what it was like to go through DPT school with an acute awareness of the negative stereotypes too often associated with black men, and the pressure he felt to defy those stereotypes.

Swirl of Emotions - Defining Moment

Oct 1, 2018/Podcast

Surviving a tornado reinforced a PT’s career path.

Medicare Telehealth Coverage for Physical Therapists

May 7, 2020/Podcast

We discuss what’s happening in Medicare in relation to telehealth and what APTA is doing to continue to advocate on behalf of the profession.

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Relationship of Plantar-Flexor Peak Torque and Dorsiflexion Range of Motion to Kinetic Variables During Walking

Jul 31, 1995/Research Reports

Background and Purpose. Limited ankle plantar-flexor moments and power

The Standing Heel-Rise Test for Ankle Plantar Flexion: Criterion for Normal

Jul 31, 1995/Research Reports

Background and Purpose. Manual muscle testing with the examiner providing

In Search of the Grail

Jul 31, 1995/Letters and Responses

<italic>To the Editor:</italic>

The letter to the editor titled

The Ugly Side of Peer Review

Jun 30, 1995/Editor's Notes

Construct Validity of the Test of Infant Motor Performance

Jun 30, 1995/Research Reports

Background and Purpose. The purpose of this study was to assess the

The Gross Motor Performance Measure: Validity and Responsiveness of a Measure of Quality of Movement

Jun 30, 1995/Research Reports

Background and Purpose. This article presents the results of a study

Physical Therapy Diagnosis

Jun 30, 1995/Letters and Responses

Spinal Models

Jun 30, 1995/Letters and Responses

Invited Commentary

May 31, 1995/Clinical Perspectives