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Coronavirus Update: March 28

Mar 28, 2022/Roundup

COVID relief money recoupment, telehealth, BA.2 variant, a COVID-19/diabetes relationship, and more.

Proposed FY '23 IRF Rule: 2% Increase, Cap on Wage Index Cut, Calls for Input

Apr 5, 2022/Review

Similar to the 2022 rule, CMS keeps changes minimal in response to pandemic-related disruptions.

As a PT Whose Son Has Autism, I've Seen a Transformation in Our Understanding

Apr 5, 2022/Perspective

As a parent and PT, I am glad that our society has moved from trying to "fix" autism or other types of neurological diagnoses.

Some Providers Who Missed COVID Relief Funds Deadline Could Get a Second Chance

Apr 8, 2022/News

HRSA may allow past-due spending reports based on extenuating circumstances, but applications need to be in by April 22.

MIPS Submission Period and Exemption Window Close March 31

Mar 22, 2022/News

Get your data in by the end of the month, or consider applying for a waiver due to "extreme and uncontrollable circumstances."

Transitioning Pediatric Patients to Adult Services

Apr 1, 2022/Article

Preparing a pediatric patient who will need ongoing physical therapy into adulthood may require years of planning.

Restoring Mobility for Patients With Limb Loss and Limb Difference

Apr 1, 2022/Feature

PTs and PTAs play crucial roles in the recovery and ongoing care of those with limb loss or limb difference.

APTA Centennial Scholars: An Investment in the Profession's Future

Apr 1, 2022/Article

Developed in a year that celebrated APTA's history, the APTA Centennial Scholars Program was designed to build future leaders.

APTA 2022 Slate of Candidates Posted

Mar 25, 2022/News

The slate to elect the next secretary, house vice speaker, three directors, and two Nominating Committee members is now available.

The Good Stuff: Members and the Profession in the Media, March 2022

Mar 16, 2022/Roundup

This month's Good Stuff: Members on everything from working with the U.S. Olympic ski team to the ways physical activity can slow age-related cognitive decline, and more.

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Functional Exercise Position for Treating Persons with Quadriplegia

Sep 30, 1980/Suggestions From the Field

The purpose of this article is to describe a practical and effective exercise position

Carriage Cart

Sep 30, 1980/Suggestions From the Field

The Carriage Cart was designed to transport a child in a hip spica cast living

Developing Competence in Problem Solving A Behavioral Model

Aug 31, 1980/Articles

Problem solving is an integral part of effective physical therapy practice. A model

Physiological Responses to Low-Intensity Cardiac Rehabilitation Exercises

Aug 31, 1980/Articles

This study determined the oxygen consumption, heart rate, and blood pressure responses

The Relationship of Motor-Unit Activation to Isokinetic Muscular Contraction at Different Contractile Velocities

Aug 31, 1980/Articles

This investigation was designed to examine 1) the relationship between motor-unit

Transmissiveness of Ultrasound Through Tap Water, Glycerin, and Mineral Oil

Jul 31, 1980/Articles

Transmissiveness of ultrasonic energy through large volumes of tap water, glycerin,

Nonresponse in Sample Surveys The Problem and Some Solutions

Jul 31, 1980/Special Communications

Nonresponse is a common problem in sample surveys in the field of physical therapy.

Interviewing in Physical Therapy

Jul 31, 1980/Special Communications

An important responsibility of a physical therapist is to create a communicative

Clinical Reporting: The Practitioner's Responsibility

Jul 31, 1980/Special Communications

Published clinical reports provide a historical chronicle of the innovative efforts

Quality Assurance Experiences Within a Physical Therapy Curriculum

Jun 30, 1980/Articles

A brief description is presented of a curriculum that provides learning experiences