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Envisioning a New Normal for Physical Therapy

Jun 12, 2020 / Open Access

How Interoperability Can Protect and Grow Referrals, Enable Virtual Health, and Improve Care Coordination

2018-2019 APTA Student Assembly Strategic Plan

Feb 12, 2019 / Open Access

This is the Student Assembly Board of Directors Strategic Plan from 2018-2019.

CMS Targeted Probe and Educate Program

Dec 10, 2019 / Open Access

The CMS Targeted Probe and Educate program provides one-on-one assistance to reduce claims denials and appeals.

Provider Enrollment, Chain and Ownership System

Jun 14, 2019 / Open Access

PECOS supports the Medicare Provider and Supplier enrollment process by allowing registered users to securely and electronically submit and manage Medicare enrollment information.

Directory of Postprofessional PhD and ScD/DSc Programs

Jan 01, 2020 / Open Access

The programs listed provide only postprofessional doctoral (i.e., PhD, ScD) graduate educational and research opportunities for physical therapists. The degrees offered are housed in institutions that either have physical therapist degree programs or are associated with a physical therapist degree

Transition DPT FAQs

Dec 01, 2019 / Open Access

The correct degree nomenclature for the professional (entry-level) and the postprofessional transition clinical doctorate is "DPT." In these FAQs, the nomenclature "postprofessional DPT " has been used to distinguish the DPT degree conferred upon completion of a transition program from the DPT conferred

Directory of Transition DPT Programs

Jan 01, 2020 / Open Access

The following list includes the names of higher education institutions that offer a postprofessional DPT (Transition) program for physical therapists licensed in the United States

Directory of Postprofessional Doctoral and Graduate Programs

Jan 02, 2020 / Open Access

The programs listed provide postprofessional graduate educational degree programs for physical therapists at the advanced clinical doctoral degree (e.g., DScPT, DHSc, DPTSc), advanced master’s degree (e.g., Interdisciplinary Advanced Clinical Science MS) and certificate (e.g., Geriatrics Certificate,

Directory of Postdoctoral Programs

Jan 01, 2020 / Open Access

The postdoctoral programs listed provide opportunities for research and education post academic doctoral degree (ie, PhD) for PTs.

Remembering Sheila K. Nicholson, PT, DPT, JD, MBA (1961-2019)

Jun 13, 2019 / Open Access

Sheila K. Nicholson, PT, DPT, JD, MBA, MA, died on June 12 after fighting cancer for two years.

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