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CMS Final 2021 Fee Schedule Presses On With Cut

Dec 1, 2020/Review

The final rule highlights the need for legislative action to give CMS more latitude in budgets and telehealth.

When Plans Change: How COVID-19 Changed My Career Journey

Dec 22, 2020/Podcast

In this episode, Cameron talks about how he reassessed his career goals and journey, how this year forced him to be creative and innovative, and he gives tips for listeners to consider when things don't go according to your plan.

Keys to a Bright Future: Veteran and Emerging Leaders Share Their Insights

Dec 1, 2020/Feature

Up-and-coming and established PTs and PTAs weigh in on hot topics facing the profession.

Rules Follow Through on Self-Referral Exceptions, Protections for Kickbacks

Dec 1, 2020/Review

A set of companion rules addresses value-based arrangements — but ignores problematic loopholes.

Why Schools Should Make NSC Available to Every Student

Oct 21, 2020/Perspective

This year's virtual APTA National Student Conclave, Nov. 4-8, will include inspiring keynotes, 28 on-demand sessions, five days of live programming, and opportunities for online networking, all at a low price, with discounts for bulk registrations. Don't miss it!

Every Step of the Way: Letter to a COVID-19 Survivor

Oct 23, 2020/Open Access

Visitors weren't allowed for COVID-19 patients. The medical team became your family and we learned your story.

Internationally Educated PTs in the United States: A World of Experience

Nov 1, 2020/Feature

The journey for PTs who were born and educated in other countries often has been geographically long and professionally challenging.

Empowering Women in the Profession

Nov 1, 2020/Feature

What's holding women back in a field they numerically dominate? A look at causes, needs, approaches, and the path forward.

Media Echoes Profession's Call for More Physical Activity

Oct 27, 2020/Roundup

National Physical Therapy Month was just the beginning of our campaign to promote movement for overall health.

TRICARE Adds Final Details on Waivers to Cost-Sharing for LBP Physical Therapy

Oct 28, 2020/News

The updated information includes a list of accepted ICD-10 codes. APTA has resources to help you optimize participation.

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Ottawa Panel Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Management of Osteoarthritis in Adults Who Are Obese or Overweight

May 31, 2011/Research Reports

Background and Purpose

The objective of this review was to construct

Invited Commentary

May 31, 2011/Research Reports

Physical Therapist Practice in the Acute Care Setting: A Qualitative Study

May 31, 2011/Research Reports


Physical therapist practice in the acute care setting

Lower Physical Activity Is Associated With Higher Intermuscular Adipose Tissue in People With Type 2 Diabetes and Peripheral Neuropathy

May 31, 2011/Research Reports


Increased lipid accumulation in skeletal muscle has

Recovery of Physical Functioning After Total Hip Arthroplasty: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of the Literature

Apr 30, 2011/Research Reports


After total hip arthroplasty (THA), patients today

Psychosocial Influences on Low Back Pain, Disability, and Response to Treatment

Apr 30, 2011/Special Issue on Psychologically Informed Practice

Evidence suggests that psychosocial factors have an influence on the outcome of

Does Teaching Physical Therapists to Deliver a Biopsychosocial Treatment Program Result in Better Patient Outcomes? A Randomized Controlled Trial

Apr 30, 2011/Special Issue on Psychologically Informed Practice


Psychosocial prognostic factors are important in