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CCIPs Move to Virtual Format

Oct 30, 2020/Open Access

The Credentialed Clinical Instructor Program (CCIP) Level 1 and Level 2 courses are available for you to teach virtually.


Oct 1, 2020/Article

The ability of different IT systems to communicate data accurately and efficiently is a major issue in health care — and can be an opportunity for PTs.

The Value of Physical Therapy in Reducing the Risk of Falling and Injuries from Falls

Sep 21, 2020/Handouts

Advocate to employers, peers, and the general public on the value of physical therapy in reducing falls.

Pain Pressure Threshold (PPT)

Sep 8, 2020/Test & Measure

Pain pressure threshold (PPT) is used to measure deep muscular tissue sensitivity.

APTA in 2020, Part 5: More Highlights From a Difficult Year

From increased member engagement to advocacy wins, reasons to celebrate.

APTA in 2020, Part 3: Our Values in Action — Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Our efforts are rooted in the simple concept that greater diversity in the profession is key to its sustainability and, in turn, to achieving our transformative vision.

Productivity Standards in the Physical Therapy Workforce

Dec 14, 2021/Policies & Bylaws

This position statement, last updated in 2021, lays out the association's support for well-balanced productivity requirements that respect clinical judgment and improve providers' work experience.

The American Physical Therapy Association’s Commitment to Being an Anti-racist Organization

Dec 14, 2021/Policies & Bylaws

House position: Declares APTA's commitment to being an anti-racist organization.

Payment and Regulatory Update: December 1, 2021

Dec 1, 2021/Members Only

Topics discussed: Medicare Physician Fee Schedule, Vaccine Mandates, Commercial Payer Updates

2-Minute Step Test (2MST)

Nov 1, 2021/Test & Measure

The 2-Minute Step Test (2MST) is used to assess aerobic endurance and functional fitness originally

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Perceptions of Acute Care Physical Therapy Practice: Issues for Physical Therapist Preparation

Aug 31, 1993/Research Reports

Background and Purpose. Acute care physical therapists have experienced

Author Response

Aug 31, 1993/Research Reports

Test-Retest Reliability of Two Tiltboard Tests in Children

Aug 31, 1993/Research Reports

Background and Purpose. Most clinical evaluations of postural control

Intrasubject Reliability of Spinal Range of Motion and Velocity Determined by Video Motion Analysis

Aug 31, 1993/Research Reports

Background and Purpose. The purpose of this study was to investigate

Support Personnel

Jun 30, 1993/Editor's Notes

Change the light cast upon an object and you can change how the object looks. Change

Use of Support Personnel for Physical Therapy Treatment

Jun 30, 1993/Research Reports

Background and Purpose. This study determined the extent to which


Jun 30, 1993/Research Reports


Jun 30, 1993/Research Reports


Jun 30, 1993/Research Reports

Author Response

Jun 30, 1993/Research Reports