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Study: Falls Among US Adults 65 and Older Cost $50 Billion in 2015

Mar 9, 2018/Review

The US health care system spent an estimated $50 billion on falls in 2015 -- 6% of all Medicare payments and 8% of all Medicaid payments.

From PT in Motion: PT 'Boomers' Offer Advice on Life in the Clinic and Beyond

Mar 6, 2018/News

This month's PT in Motion magazine includes “Career Transitioning Advice for Aging PTs,” an exploration of how long-time clinicians are adjusting their routines or transitioning to new career paths, and the life circumstances that led them in that direction.

CMS to Study Administrative Burden of MIPS; PTs Can Participate

Feb 28, 2018/News

CMS wants to engage in a study to gain a better understanding of the administrative burdens associated with MIPS.

Washington Post: End of Therapy Cap a 'Long-Awaited Gift'

Mar 2, 2018/News

The end of the hard cap on payment for therapy services under Medicare was big news for patients and the profession—a fact that hasn't escaped the notice of The Washington Post.

APTA's Updated Defensible Documentation Resource Provides Insight, Practical Tips, and More

Feb 26, 2018/News

PTs and PTAs know they can't take their eyes off the ball when it comes to properly documenting care. That's why APTA has revamped and updated its collection of online resources supporting defensible documentation.

2018 CSM Largest Ever; News and Videos Now Available

Feb 23, 2018/News

APTA's biggest event of all time, the 2018 CSM drew more than 17,000 people, including more than 14,000 registrants. This year marks the third year in a row that CSM achieved a record attendance number.

Now Available: Recording of 'Insider Intel' Session on Therapy Cap, Home Health, More

Feb 16, 2018/News

Now available: a recording of an APTA "Insider Intel" phone-in session devoted to the Medicare landscape since the budget deal.

CMS Offers Settlement Option for Providers With Denial Appeals in Limbo

Feb 16, 2018/News

CMS is offering some providers a chance to settle backlogged claims denial appeals at 62% of net allowed amounts, but there are limits and deadlines involved.

The Post-Therapy Cap System: 5 Basics You Need to Know

Feb 16, 2018/News

When Congress adopted a federal spending package that included the elimination of the hard cap on Medicare therapy services, lawmakers also adopted a new system of payment thresholds and triggers, and a differential payment rate for PTAs and OTAs.

PT, PTA Education Leadership Institute Accepting Applications for a Program That Inspires, Empowers, and Connects

Feb 7, 2018/News

The yearlong ELI Fellowship program uses a blended learning approach to help PT and PTA educators in academic, residency, and fellowship settings to hone their skills in facilitating change, thinking strategically, and engaging in public discourse to advance the physical therapy profession.

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Mar 31, 1997/Research Reports

Author Comment

Mar 31, 1997/Research Reports

Plantar Pressure Reduction in an Incremental Weight-Bearing System

Mar 31, 1997/Technical Reports

Background and Purpose. Harness-supported treadmill ambulation has

Whiplash-Associated Chronic Headache Treated With Home Cervical Traction

Mar 31, 1997/Case Reports

The subject of this case report was a 56-year-old woman who sustained a whiplash-associated

Lumbar Lordosis and Pelvic Inclination

Mar 31, 1997/Letters and Responses

<italic>To the Editor:</italic>

I applaud Youdas et al (Lumbar

A Primate Model for Studying Focal Dystonia and Repetitive Strain Injury: Effects on the Primary Somatosensory Cortex

Feb 28, 1997/Research Reports

Background and Purpose. Job-related repetitive strain injuries (RSIs)

Geographical Challenges for Physical Therapy Continuing Education: Preferences and Influences

Feb 28, 1997/Research Reports

Background and Purpose. The purpose of this survey was to examine

Interpreting Health Outcome Measures

Feb 28, 1997/Letters and Responses

<italic>To the Editor:</italic>

Despite being an admitted agnostic

Divided We Fall

Jan 31, 1997/Editor's Notes

Dreams and fantasies can stir the spirit and even provoke action, but reality?

Author Response

Jan 31, 1997/Research Reports