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Health Care Technology Today

Nov 1, 2016/Feature

Here's a look at some advances and proposals in the field of health care technology.

A Deathly Silence

Oct 1, 2016/Column

Should a physical therapist tell a patient that she is terminally ill?

The 10 Best States in Which to Practice

Oct 1, 2016/Feature

What's the best state in which to practice physical therapy?

The State(s) of Direct Access

Oct 1, 2016/Feature

All across the nation, consumers have "some form" of direct access to physical therapist services. What does that mean? What work remains?

The Invisible Steps to Success

Sep 1, 2016/Column

What are you overlooking?

Acutely Aware

Sep 1, 2016/Column

Determining a patient's next care destination.

A Snow Angel in Dayton

Aug 1, 2016/Column

Motivation comes in all shapes, sizes, even weather phenomena.

A Delegate Balance

Jul 1, 2016/Column

Direction and supervision of support personnel requires patient-centered decision-making at all times.

How to Improve Clinical Reasoning Skills

Jul 1, 2016/Feature

Clinical reasoning skills can be strengthened at any age and at any experience level. Here's advice for both the recent graduate and the experienced practitioner.

Great Expectations

May 1, 2016/Column

Remember, you can’t spell "realistic" without "real."