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APTA is asking digital health providers to commit to consumer transparency.

APTA recognizes and supports the potential for technology to augment physical therapist practice, but technology alone cannot be called physical therapy.

APTA maintains that "physical therapy," whether provided in person or virtually, is performed or directed by licensed physical therapists.

This isn't APTA's position alone. The Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy agrees that "the use of the phrase 'physical therapy' is reserved for use by licensees to ensure that patients understand with whom they are receiving physical therapy services." Several jurisdictions expressly prohibit advertising the provision of physical therapist services where a physical therapist doesn’t provide or directly supervise the care provided.

Company Commitment

To ensure that virtual physical therapy programs involve a licensed physical therapist, APTA asks all digital health providers to make the following commitment:

Digital "physical therapy" services are only performed or directed by licensed physical therapists in accordance with all regulations and APTA's Standards of Practice for Physical Therapy.

Physical therapist examination, evaluation, diagnosis, development of a management plan, and intervention shall be represented and reimbursed as "physical therapy" only when performed by a physical therapist or when selected interventions are performed by a physical therapist assistant under the direction and supervision of a physical therapist.

The following companies have agreed to this commitment*:

*The above companies signal a commitment to consumer transparency as described. This listing doesn't imply endorsement by APTA or validation that these companies are promoting and providing services consistent with their pledge.

APTA will continue to promote consumer transparency and encourage other companies to commit to this pledge. Contact APTA Practice with questions.

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