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PTs and PTAs are critical members of the health care teams in hospital settings.

From acute care to rehabilitation, physical therapists and physical therapist assistants are part of the collaborative care team in various hospital settings.

Physical therapists are increasingly part of emergency departments.

The APTA Academy of Acute Care Physical Therapy is dedicated to those who share a common interest in acute care.

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This rule doesn't directly affect physical therapy payment, but it covers other services that could impact PT practice.

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CMS has laid out some of the particulars of a new facility category aimed at helping rural hospitals survive.

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Similar to the 2022 rule, CMS keeps changes minimal in response to pandemic-related disruptions.

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Preparing a pediatric patient who will need ongoing physical therapy into adulthood may require years of planning.

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CMS establishes penalties for noncompliance in the rule, which also includes a 2.0% pay increase.

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CMS issued a sweeping rule requiring COVID-19 vaccinations for an estimated 17 million workers. Here are six basics of the new requirements

Proposed '22 Hospital Outpatient and ASC Rule Ups the Ante on Price Transparency

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CMS sets up penalties for noncompliance in the rule, which also includes a 2.3% pay increase and requests for input on a range of topics.

A Brief but Meaningful Encounter

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Defining Moment: A hospital PT finds meaning in a visit with a patient with COVID-19.

Study: Acute Care Rehab Linked to Lower Odds of Readmission, Death Poststroke

Apr 9, 2021 / Review

The study of nearly 9,000 patients also looked at the potential role of patient mobility at hospital admission.

APTA Analysis: The Value of Physical Therapy in Wound Care

Oct 30, 2020 / Analysis

PTs and PTAs can play a major role in wound care. This analysis takes a closer look at relevant interventions and practice settings.