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PTs and PTAs are critical members of the health care teams in hospital settings.

From acute care to rehabilitation, physical therapists and physical therapist assistants are part of the collaborative care team in various hospital settings.

Physical therapists are increasingly part of emergency departments.

The APTA Academy of Acute Care Physical Therapy is dedicated to those who share a common interest in acute care.

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Most of the use is occurring in private and hospital-based outpatient clinics and group practices.

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If the experience of one hospital system is any indication, facilities have reason to expect overall Medicare expenditures to drop.

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This summary highlights the PT's contributions to examination, prognosis, and intervention as well as collaboration with other members of the health care team for patients in the ICU.

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There's growing evidence that adding a "p" to rehabilitation improves patient outcomes pre- and postsurgery and following cancer treatments-and saves money, too.