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Recent Podcasts

Topic Time Date
Move Forward Radio: Success Story: Man Loses 300 Pounds, and Improves Quality of Life 8:08 11/19/15
PQRS: Program Updates for 2016 10:04 11/17/15
Move Forward Radio: Innovative Device Encourages Movement in Children with Cerebral Palsy 23:45 11/05/15
Defining Moment: From Patient to Partner 7:23 11/01/15
Inside APTA: Global PT Day of Service and National Physical Therapy Month 12:47 10/26/15
Move Forward Radio: Aging Healthy by Decade 26:57 10/15/15
Move Forward Radio: Physical Therapist Tips to Help You #AgeWell 31:11 10/01/15
Defining Moment: Harnessed Yet Unleashed 7:49 10/01/15
Inside APTA: The Strategic Plan 15:42 09/23/15
Move Forward Radio: Muscle Soreness: What's Normal, What's Not? 21:50 09/17/15
Move Forward Radio: Chronic Disease and Prevention 21:19 09/01/15
Defining Moment: A Constructive Approach 6:08 09/01/15
Move Forward Radio: Amy Rodriguez on the Physical Challenges of Pregnancy and Childbirth 13:18 08/21/15
Move Forward Radio: Total Knee Replacements 19:13 08/06/15
Defining Moment: The Road That Chose Me 7:41 08/01/15
Move Forward Radio: What Physical Therapists Tell Their Friends 24:03 07/23/15
Move Forward Radio: Juvenile Arthritis 25:37 07/09/15
PTJ: June 2015 Craikcast 29:08 07/01/15
Defining Moment: Vision Fulfilled 7:45 07/01/15
Move Forward Radio: Vestibular Rehabilitation 23:27 06/04/15
Defining Moment: Striking Gold in Copper City 7:30 06/01/15
Move Forward Radio: Treatment for Spinal Stenosis: Comparing Physical Therapy and Surgery 19:22 05/21/15
Move Forward Radio: Stroke: Awareness, Prevention & Recovery 15:45 05/07/15
Defining Moment: A Source of Strength 6:43 05/01/15
Move Forward Radio: Avoiding Golf Injuries 17:01 04/23/15
Move Forward Radio: Autism Spectrum Disorder: Collaborative Care for Varied Needs 32:18 04/09/15
Defining Moment: Getting a Rise Out of Him 7:33 03/31/15
Move Forward Radio: Concussion & Mild Traumatic Brain Injury 24:55 03/27/15
Move Forward Radio: Pregnant and Postpartum Exercise 28:00 03/12/15
Defining Moment: Operative Insights 10:31 03/01/15

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