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Giving birth begat a new career.

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Motherhood is a pivotal event in a woman's life. Preceded by expectations, filled with surprises, and shaped by individual decisions and circumstances, it's a journey that's at once universal and unique. One thing that all new moms have in common is the overwhelming sense that everything has changed.

When I became pregnant for the first time 4 years ago, I'd just completed 12 years in the military, having served as a physical therapist (PT) in the Army. I expected I would miss the deep sense of accomplishment and honor I'd felt helping Infantry and Special Forces soldiers to heal. And I did. I also expected, because I'm a workaholic, that I'd return to work as a PT 6 weeks after delivery. That didn't happen, however. I decided to take a little time just to be a mom. Little did I know that what I'd regarded as a brief hiatus would completely change the course of my career.

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