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My wife and I recently took in a high school basketball playoff game. Fun atmosphere and great energy throughout! But after witnessing a few too many errant inside shots, missed free throws, and wild passes, I got to thinking about how our ability—or inability—to master the basics affects our own lives and those of our wellness-focused clients.

The game’s final score was 62-54—an 8-point differential. The teams collectively missed at least 10 layups. Easily a dozen passes seemed to be directed toward no one in particular. Had even half of those mistakes not occurred, 10 or 15 points might well have been added to the scoreboard—potentially changing the outcome of a single-digit win.

What does this have to do with wellness? Everything! If you’re a physical therapist or physical therapist assistant who’s integrating wellness services into an existing practice or offering them on the side, you’ve likely found that your clients have a great interest in—to put things in basketball terms—dunks and fancy passes. (In other words, buzzed-about supplements and trendy workout routines). But the fact of the matter is, if you can get your clients to dial into the basics—Move, Fuel, and Rest (healthy exercise, eating, and sleeping)—their long-term results will far exceed those achieved through the current “big things.” 

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