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Tara Jo Manal, PT, DPT, FAPTA, has no training whatsoever in construction, architecture, or interior design. She is, however, a seasoned physical therapist (PT), and she knows from experience how a physical therapy clinic should be built.

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Manal, director of clinical services and residency training in the physical therapy department at the University of Delaware, led the total overhaul in 2013 of the department's 10,000-square-foot outpatient clinic. Initially, she recounts, the department turned to a local architectural firm to draw up a set of plans. "We told them what we wanted to accomplish, and what we needed in terms of rooms, offices, and places for equipment," she says. "When I looked at the plans, it was clear that they'd tried to incorporate everything we'd asked for. But it also was obvious that the design was never going to work."

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