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Private practices faces shared challenges while providing unique experiences to their consumers.

If you own or work in a PT–owned private practice, we have resources to support you.

The APTA Private Practice Section is specifically dedicated to those interested in business and management, whether you own a practice or are considering starting one.

The APTA community is full of examples of members who are collaborating to make their businesses thrive in a rapidly evolving health care marketplace.

Recommended Content

Tips for Starting a Practice

Dec 11, 2019 / Article

How Joining the Private Practice Section Helped Jump-Start My Career

May 15, 2017 / Perspective

How I Became a Private Practice Owner 3 Weeks Postgraduation

Mar 22, 2017 / Perspective

APTA Private Practice Section

Jan 1, 2020 / Website

APTA Health Policy and Administration Section

Jan 1, 2020 / Website

Additional Private Practice Content

Outpatient Clinic COVID-19 Recommendations Created Through Collaborative Effort

Jun 3, 2020 / News

APTA, the association's Private Practice Section, and APTA Rhode Island developed guidelines that could help clinics stay safe during the pandemic.

Outpatient Services During a Pandemic: Finding Your Ethical Footing

Jun 6, 2020 / Perspective

During COVID-19, it is our professional skill in knowing how to creatively adapt, adjust, and cope that will bring us through these uncertain and unprecedented times.

The Integrated Clinical Experience

Jun 10, 2020 / Perspective

My first integrated clinical experience was in a public school system. Now, I have the chance to explore a whole new setting: outpatient.

Outpatient Physical Therapy During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Clinician Discussion

May 9, 2020 / Article

Outpatient PTs from private practice, hospital, and pediatric settings gather to discuss how they have maintained in-person practice while upholding CDC-recommended COVID-19 safety guidelines.

Passion X Purpose

Jan 8, 2020 / Article

For the physical therapy profession to thrive, it needs clinicians with grit. Physical therapist Fred Gilbert urges the next generation to think outside of the box and outside of the clinic.

Ownership Change And Medicare

Jul 1, 2019 / Column

Here are the basics on what to report and under what circumstances.

Student Loan Debt: APTA Member Sandra Norby Testifies Before House Committee

Jun 19, 2019 / Article

There is no easy fix or silver bullet to the complex problem of student debt.

Our Profession Should Be Community-Minded—and Community-Invested

Jun 5, 2019 / Perspective

Our research showed the community was unaware of physical therapy and its role in prevention, beyond catastrophic care.

Global Service: Building a Sustainable Clinic in Guatemala

May 6, 2019 / Article

A group of 24 people from the U.S. went to a rural town in Guatemala to renovate an old building and create a new physical therapy clinic—providing rehabilitation services to people who in most cases had never received that kind of health care before.

Community Service

May 1, 2019 / Column

Creating a clinic that literally speaks its patients' language.

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