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You've no doubt noticed that the go-to response these days to the question "How are things going?" is some variation of "Super busy!"

It's become a badge of honor in American society to tell everybody how busy, busy, busy we are. But it's not just talk—our days are truly jam-packed. Our thinking may be that if we're busy, we're maximizing our time. But shouldn't we really be asking whether we're using our time to the maximum benefit of our own health and well-being?

Think about the conversations you've had with wellness clients and patients. The issue of time is likely often to come to the forefront. You'll consistently hear things such as, "I'd really like to check out a yoga class, but I simply don't have the time right now." Or maybe your client will say, "I mean to eat more healthfully, but hitting the drive-through window and getting fast food is my only real option these days."

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