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For the past several years, I've had the privilege of writing this column for my APTA friends and peers. The goal of Well to Do, per its name, has been to highlight the various things that we do, as PTs and PTAs, to further integrate wellness services into our practices, careers, and lives. I hope you've gained value from the time we've spent together each month. (And I'd like to give a value-added shout-out to Eric Ries, my APTA editor for this column and for my longstanding Career Coach column in PT in Motion and in Perspectives for early-career PTs and PTAs.)

My journey as an APTA columnist has come to an end, so I want to wrap by encouraging you, while you're focusing on all that you have to do in this world, to remember, also, to "be" along the way. Just the fact that you're reading this piece means that you're a high performer — someone committed to your career, constantly seeking new ways to serve your clients and community, and expanding your own personal growth. #BetterThanYesterday isn't just a hashtag to you — it's a mission! The value you bring through your constant drive to "do" is immense. But we also must take care to build time in to simply "be."

That's frankly been an area of struggle for me. But maybe that's part of the point — to put an exclamation mark on the last of 20 years of columns with the fine team at APTA by making this final one a reminder to myself to practice what I preach.

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