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No matter what happens around the proposed 9% payment cut under Medicare, one thing's certain: come Jan. 1, there will be changes to the 2021 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule. Luckily, APTA members have a powerful free tool to help them navigate those changes.

The APTA Medicare physician fee schedule calculator is an annually updated claim pricer that reflects the latest payment changes for outpatient physical therapy, all in one easy-to-use Excel file. Haven't tried it yet? Here are six reasons to check it out.

1. Take the Mystery Out of Payment

That's what the calculator is all about — giving participating Medicare providers real-time insight into what they'll be paid for procedures provided to a beneficiary on a given day in a specific geographic location.

2. Leave MPPR and Sequestration to APTA

APTA's calculator incorporates the 50% multiple procedure payment reduction factor and the 2% sequestration cut into its program, so you can put away the scratch paper.

3. Compare Payment Rates Over Time

The APTA calculator also helps you see the big picture: You can compare the current year's payment rate with those of the previous year.

4. Adjust for MIPS

The Merit-based Incentive Payment System adjustments aren't applicable to PTs in 2020, but that all changes next year. The APTA calculator already includes a MIPS adjustment tool so you can stay on top of this important change in payment policy.

5. Get Nonparticipating Provider Insight

The calculator also calculates the payment amount for nonparticipating providers, including the maximum amount nonparticipating providers can collect from the beneficiary.

6. Leverage APTA Expertise — for Free

APTA's calculator is supported by a team of regulatory experts who understand the fine points of Medicare payment specifically around physical therapy. And it's free to members.

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