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APTA Magazine brings members content that dives into the issues the profession is talking about, and 2022 was no exception.

As the year winds up, here's a list of the magazine's top 10 feature articles from 2022 based on web traffic.

And if the list makes you feel like catching up on a past issue, no worries — our online archive gives you access to all magazine content from the past seven years.

  1. Blood Flow Restriction Training Becoming Standard Practice
  2. Putting Imaging Into Focus
  3. Beyond Clinical Practice: The Less-Traveled Path
  4. A Closer Look at Falls and Falls Prevention
  5. Something to Run Toward (interview with APTA President Roger Herr, PT, MPA)
  6. Extending Reach to Patients and Clients With the PT Compact
  7. Practicing Physical Therapy in the Gig Economy
  8. Serving Up Physical Therapy for Pickleball Players
  9. Physical Therapy for Native American Populations
  10. Restoring Mobility for Patients With Limb Loss and Limb Difference

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