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The Biden-Harris administration's effort to address hunger, nutrition, and health nationwide acknowledges the important role of physical activity in creating a healthier America — and APTA let the White House know that it's ready to help work for change.

The initiative, officially known as The Biden-Harris Administration National Strategy on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health, has an ambitious goal — to end hunger and increase healthy eating and physical activity by 2030. Supporters of the plan believe that achieving this goal could reduce the prevalence of diet-related diseases such as diabetes and decrease health disparities.

One of the strategy's five pillars is focused on "supporting physical activity for all" by, among other initiatives, expanding the State Physical Activity and Nutrition Program, creating more parks in nature-deprived communities, promoting active transportation and land-use policies, and increasing education on the importance of physical activity. It's a focus that aligns well with APTA's longstanding efforts to promote physical activity.

APTA responded to the release of the strategy by forwarding a letter of support to the White House, accompanied by an offer to work with the administration to meet its goals.

"As movement experts, physical therapists are uniquely qualified to increase awareness of the benefits of physical activity and to measure levels of physical activity of individuals of all ages," APTA says in its letter. "PTs are trained to integrate the scientific principles of movement function and exercise progression to promote physical activity and improve health outcomes for individuals and populations across the lifespan."

The letter also emphasizes that APTA has been committed to increasing physical activity levels well before the strategy was announced, through participation in the national Physical Activity Alliance and the association's own "Choose to Move" public awareness campaign. That campaign, linked to National Physical Therapy Month for the past two years, has included a public service announcement and a recent satellite media tour to spread the word.

"As APTA's values are greatly aligned with the White House's national strategy, we appreciate the Biden-Harris administration's commitment to encouraging physical activity and supporting health equity," the letter states. "APTA will continue to partner with the private sector and federal, state, and local governments to create alliances that promote physical activity within communities across the nation."

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