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After APTA's House of Delegates adopted the vision statement for the physical therapy profession in 2013, the Board of Directors recognized that, in order for the physical therapy profession to achieve the vision as articulated by its guiding principles, it would be necessary to integrate consistent application of the "movement system" (as mentioned in the guiding principle on "Identity") in physical therapist practice, education, and research.

The Board convened a work group to define the concept of the movement system. After careful consideration of various theoretical, linguistic, and conceptual possibilities, the work group created a definition that was adopted by the Board.

In response to House action (Management of the Movement System) stating that "APTA endorses the development of diagnostic labels and/or classification systems that reflect and contribute to the physical therapists' ability to properly and effectively manage disorders of the movement system," APTA is in the process of developing a diagnostic classification system for movement system diagnoses.

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