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NOTE: The audio from the Q&A portion of the webinar is not available. Access to the recorded presentation and slide deck are below. Also note that although APTA staff stated during the recording that a GP modifier is not required, CMS communicated to APTA on March 23, 2020, that G2061-G2063 will be described as "sometimes therapy" codes, meaning a GP modifier will be required and the e-visits will count toward the KX modifier threshold. APTA staff also stated during the recording that there is flexibility with using an online patient portal to conduct an e-visit under Medicare; however, we have received conflicting information from the Medicare Administrative Contractors. We advise members to confirm this requirement with their MACs before proceeding. We are continuing to work with CMS to attain definitive guidance on this point, and we apologize for the confusion. Check APTA's Telehealth webpage and Coronavirus webpage for the latest information.

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