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Productivity vs. Value: Why We Need to Change the Discussion, and How YOU Can!

May 28, 2020/Course

Value. What is it? How do acute care physical therapists provide value for patients when the discussion is all about productivity and volume? How do we change the ideology from productivity or volume to value? Acute physical therapy value should be measured by the outcomes produced for the patient divided

NEXT 2020 Rothstein Roundtable Recording - Telehealth and Physical Therapy: Where Are We Going?

May 29, 2020/Course

Telehealth—the use of technology to provide remote care—is an evolving and expanding method of health service delivery. As movement experts, physical therapists rely on movement analysis and the results of tests and measures to arrive at a movement system diagnosis, determine a prognosis, and implement

Managing your Practice through the Pandemic – Lessons Learned and Leading into the New Normal

Jun 4, 2020/Course

Many PT owners/leaders/managers continue to try to respond as best as possible to the evolving status of the COVID-19 pandemic and make decisions relative to finance, staffing, and how to manage their practices through this pandemic in order to take care of their businesses, their employees, and their

Malnutrition Across the Lifespan

Jun 8, 2020/Course

APTA and AND (Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics) have partnered to provide this special webinar to our members

Amputation Grand Rounds April 2020: Scar Wars

Jun 12, 2020/Course

Devastating wounds and their resultant scars are highly prevalent afflictions among those who risk their lives in combat. From small scale pathologies to full loss of limb, there is an enormous variety of scar types and presentations, but all share the common factor of serving as a daily visual reminder

COVID-19 and Cancer Rehab: Meeting the Needs of Survivors During a Pandemic and Beyond

Jun 17, 2020/Course

This course will discuss the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on cancer rehabilitation care, exploring impacts from various perspectives across the continuum of care. Panelists will discuss challenges faced, progress made, and lessons learned throughout the pandemic, and provide an opportunity for participants

Beyond Physical Therapy: Incorporating Evidence-Based Psychological Skills to Help Clients (a Well-Being course)

Jul 6, 2020/Course

This is one of 4 courses targeted at Well-Being for the PT/PTA. The others can be found at one of these links:

Working on Well-Being: Strategies to Reduce Stress and Improve Performance

Jul 6, 2020/Course

This is one of 4 courses targeted at Well-Being for the PT/PTA. The others can be found at one of these links:

Pelvic Floor Telehealth

Jul 9, 2020/Course

APTA and the Veteran's Administration have partnered and this is one of the topics provided by the Veteran's Administration to our Members free of charge.

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Cognitive and Motor Mechanisms Underlying Older Adults' Ability to Divide Attention While Walking

Jun 30, 2011/Research Reports


An impaired ability to allocate attention to gait

Invited Commentary

Jun 30, 2011/Research Reports

Author Response

Jun 30, 2011/Research Reports

Use of the Functional Independence Measure in People for Whom Weaning From Mechanical Ventilation Is Difficult

Jun 30, 2011/Research Reports


The Functional Independence Measure (FIM) has been

Ottawa Panel Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Management of Osteoarthritis in Adults Who Are Obese or Overweight

May 31, 2011/Research Reports

Background and Purpose

The objective of this review was to construct

Invited Commentary

May 31, 2011/Research Reports

Effects of Neuro-Developmental Treatment and Orthoses on Knee Flexion During Gait: A Single-Subject Design

Sep 30, 1990/Research Reports

The interactive effects of neuro-developmental treatment and inhibitive ankle-height

Whole-Body Movements During Rising to Standing from Sitting

Sep 30, 1990/Research Reports

Rising to a standing position from a sitting position is one of the most important