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Defining Moment: There’s a Word for What We Do

Aug 17, 2017 / Podcast

It’s made up, yet it’s very real.

Matters of Respect

Dec 01, 2019 / Column

On what basis is referral acceptable?

Addressing Social Determinants of Health

Jul 01, 2019 / Feature

Health is affected by far more than the presence or absence of health care. PTs and PTAs can help improve the health of populations by using a wide array of strategies.

Move Forward Radio: Individuals Who Are Transgender Deserve Person-Centered Care – Just Like Everyone Else

May 20, 2019 / News

Sometimes the journey toward better health must begin at the beginning—with an actual acknowledgement that there's a problem, and a sense of self-worth strong enough to allow a person reach out for help. Just ask "Greg," a transgender man who endured pelvic pain for years. "My body was, for me, this

Cultural Competence Policy

Sep 20, 2019 / Policies & Bylaws

House position: The American Physical Therapy Association supports cultural competence as defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Five Ways To Be an LGBTQ Patient Ally

Jul 21, 2020 / Open Access

You can help LGBTQ patients feel safe and supported by taking these five simple actions.

PTs Helping to Heal Survivors of Torture

Nov 01, 2017 / Feature

Their numbers in the United States are higher than you might think. Here's what to look for and how best to meet their needs.

The Look

Jun 05, 2020 / Perspective

"The look" comes from a poor understanding of those who are different from us.

When Health Decisions Aren’t a Matter of Choice: Addressing Social Determinants of Health

Oct 10, 2018 / Interview

Here's how PTs and PTAs can incorporate social determinants of health into their care.

For Myself, My Future Patients, and My Culture

Oct 22, 2019 / Perspective

I'll be able to speak the language and understand cultural norms of my patients while creating a space for trust and understanding.

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