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Health Care Technology Today

May 1, 2016/Feature

Could 'Bioresorbable' Sensors Help Individuals Recover From Brain Injury, Surgery?

The Movement System Brings It All Together

May 1, 2016/Feature

An upcoming summit will explore the implications and goals of recognizing the movement system as the core of physical therapist practice, education, and research. Meanwhile, here's some background to bring you up-to-date.

Coding Reform, to Payment Reform, to Health Care Reform

Apr 1, 2016/Feature

APTA is committed to the triple aim of health care. The association's proposed coding reforms are just one way-but an important one-of achieving it.

The Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement Model

Mar 1, 2016/Column

A new Medicare payment initiative offers patients and PTs a bundle of opportunities.

Virtual Networking Produces Tangible Results

Mar 1, 2016/Feature

When the directors of rehabilitation for 3 large health care systems realized they faced common challenges, they developed a strategy to address them.

Practicing in Multiple States May Get a Lot Easier

Mar 1, 2016/Feature

PTs and PTAs who want to practice in multiple states can face piles of paperwork, long delays, and significant expenses. An interstate licensure compact system soon may offer a solution.

Joined at the Hip

Feb 1, 2016/Column

Questions about some joint moves.

Health Care Technology Today

Feb 1, 2016/Feature

A Future Where PTs Plug Their Brains Into Patients? Maybe, Say Researchers

Narrow Networks: A New Challenge for PTs and Patients

Feb 1, 2016/Feature

Many health plans are "narrowing" their provider networks in an attempt to control costs. What does this mean for individual therapy practices? That all depends.

Better Sooner and Later: Prehabilitation

Feb 1, 2016/Feature

There's growing evidence that adding a "p" to rehabilitation improves patient outcomes pre- and postsurgery and following cancer treatments-and saves money, too.