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Centennial Year to Include 51st and 52nd Mary McMillan Lectures

Jun 23, 2020/News

The first lecture will occur at CSM 2021 in February, and the second will occur in September around APTA's Centennial Gala.

TRICARE to Begin Pilot That Waives Cost-Sharing for Physical Therapy for LBP

Jun 30, 2020/News

The 10-state plan waives cost-sharing for up to three visits to increase uptake of physical therapy.

How Do You Know When You Are Providing High-Quality Care?

Jul 2, 2020/Perspective

Asking the question of how you know you’re providing high-quality care.

APTA Review: Final CMS Interoperability Rule for 2020

Jul 7, 2020/Review

CMS is making it easier for patients to access their health care information and pushing toward greater interoperability of EHI.

Fear Into Power: My COVID-19 Experience

Jul 7, 2020/Perspective

Would I be able to keep my doors open? Keep paying my staff? How is this going to change my practice for the long haul?

Coronavirus Update: July 2, 2020

Jul 2, 2020/Roundup

Aerosol-generating precautions, COVID-19 outcomes, resuming clinical education, possible extension of public health emergency, and more.

Five Ways To Be an LGBTQ Patient Ally

Jul 21, 2020/Open Access

You can help LGBTQ patients feel safe and supported by taking these five simple actions.

Coronavirus Update: July 22

Jul 22, 2020/Roundup

Medicare budget neutrality, COVID-19 relief for safety net and rural acute care providers, CDC on mask-wearing, and more.

Electrophysiology and Wound Care

Aug 1, 2020/Feature

PTs explain what the two disciplines are, how they’re related, and their importance to all PTs and PTAs, and their patients.

Looking Ahead: Increasing Use of Robotic Technologies in Clinical Practice

Aug 1, 2020/Feature

Advances in robotics and exoskeletons help patients and offer clinicians additional tools.