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PT-CPI/WEB Assessment

Oct 25, 2018/Course

This is the required Assessment of Learning for CPI students and users.

Musculoskeletal System: Age-Related Changes And Common Problems: Physical Therapy Management for the Assistant

Nov 19, 2018/Course

PTA Focus 2012, Issue 2 FOCUS 2012 provides a 6-part series of monographs for the physical therapist assistant.

Integumentary System: Age-related Changes and Wounds

Nov 20, 2018/Course

PTA Focus 2012, Issue 5 FOCUS 2012 provides a 6-part series of monographs for the physical therapist assistant. We are fortunate to welcome Jennifer Bottomley, PT, MS, PhD, as the author for this series. Bottomley is a past president of the APTA Section on Geriatrics. She understands intimately the needs

AC18 How California Keeps Winning on Payment: The Align Networks Lawsuit Case Study

Dec 21, 2018/Course

In many areas of the country, PTs have been suffering from declining payment and reduced patient access to their quality services. It has been difficult for independent practices to make progress in the payment arena because our practices are fragmented and we fear being accused of illegal ‘collusion.’

AC18 Metrics, Dashboards and Data, OH MY? How to navigate the yellow brick road of private practice

Dec 21, 2018/Course

“Big data” is a buzzword that you hear every day. Many industries have used available data to revolutionize their business concepts. Healthcare is also becoming increasingly data-driven, both in terms of outcomes and financial metrics. If you’ve ever opened the “reports” section of your EMR, or looked

AC18 Navigating Value-Based Payment: What You Need to Know

Dec 21, 2018/Course

Reimbursement is shifting to value-based payment with both the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and private payers committing to aggressive timelines to move from fee-for-service payment systems toward those that reward physical therapists and other health care providers for improved

AC18 Should You Add Wellness Coaching Services to your PT Practice?

Dec 21, 2018/Course

Adding wellness coaching services as a revenue stream for your physical therapy practice can seem like a simple way to increase revenue and provide better service to your patients and community. But how is this done? What tools do you need to set up a health coaching program? Should you offer a group

AC18 Value Driven Payment and Contracting

Dec 21, 2018/Course

Value-based care and payment models are the buzz in the health care industry. Physical Therapists have a great opportunity to demonstrate the value of our services. Attendees will learn how to prepare for the shift to value-based payment, gather your key data, position your practice for success, and

Well-Being: Your Career Depends on It

May 3, 2019/Course

Recorded content can be found in the resources area along with any handouts.

Hot Topics in Federal Policy and Reimbursement - Mar 2020

May 3, 2019/Course

APTA staff has recorded a 90-minute webinar that provides an overview of hot topics in the federal policy and reimbursement landscape, tailored for students of physical therapy. We are hopeful this webinar will help clinical educators, clinical instructors, and physical therapy students have a better