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Digital options for patient wellness are here. Are you ready?

Some of the most exciting advances in physical therapist practice involve emerging digital technologies.

In physical therapy, as in other health care professions, PTs and PTAs are increasingly using innovative digital technologies such as mobile apps and telehealth to augment and modify care delivery in order to optimize clinical outcomes.

PT and PTAs can use digital health technologies, such as virtual reality and robotics and sensors, as an intervention.

APTA has a long history of supporting new technologies that promise to help clinicians and patients alike. In the right applications, technology can advance quality of care, provide clinician support, increase and speed access to services, increase patient engagement and self-efficacy, and reduce overall spending.

APTA has identified the concept of the digitally enabled physical therapist as a framework for addressing the role of digital health in the physical therapy care. Digital technologies can never replace the value or role of the physical therapist or the physical therapist assistant. Instead, these tools can enable clinicians to expand their reach, improve access to their services, and deliver critical data on patient progress and outcomes to ultimately drive improvements in care.

APTA is dedicated to consumer transparency and is asking digital health providers for pledged commitments that physical therapists are involved in any digital service framed as "physical therapy," consistent with term and title protection efforts.

Interested in learning more about APTA's upcoming digital health app library? If you would like to participate in initial training sessions on how to use APTA's digital health app library, powered by ORCHA, please enter your contact information on this online form, and our Digital Health Team will be in touch soon.

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