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Use of telehealth is rapidly expanding; make sure you know the requirements.

APTA has been a long-time advocate for PTs and PTAs providing services via telehealth — the use of electronic information and telecommunication technologies to remotely provide health care information and services — but COVID-19 has quickly changed the landscape of telehealth and other communication technology-based services.

Before you begin providing services via telehealth or using telecommunications modalities, consider federal and state legislation and regulations that govern your practice, billing and coding issues, and hardware and software requirements.

Also see APTA's position on teleheath.

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The use of telehealth by PTs and PTAs is not only appropriate, but effective in delivering effective care and expanding patient access to that care.

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CMS has waived certain restrictions in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, including "remote evaluation of recorded video and/or images."

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An e-visit is not a treatment session, and it does not meet the Medicare definition of telehealth.

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APTA advises you to continue to comply with your state practice act and any other applicable state or local laws.

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Some states have laws that govern how commercial payers provide coverage and payment for telehealth visits compared with in-person visits.

Federal Payer Telehealth and E-Visit Coverage

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Summary of the status of federal payers that are covering some form of telehealth, based on information they have released.

State Actions Permitting PTs To Provide Telehealth

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The physical therapy regulatory board in that state is the ultimate authority on the licensure and compact privilege requirements for providing PT services in the jurisdiction.

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Summary of the status of occupational health providers that are covering some form of telehealth or e-visits, based on information they have released.