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Use of telehealth is rapidly expanding; make sure you know the requirements.

Telehealth solutions fall under the broad umbrella of digital health technologies.

APTA has been a long-time advocate for PTs and PTAs providing services via telehealth — the use of electronic information and telecommunication technologies to remotely provide health care information and services. COVID-19 has quickly changed the landscape of telehealth and other communication technology-based services.

Before You Begin Practicing Telehealth in Your State

Examine your state's physical therapy licensure law and corresponding state licensure board regulations/rules. In many states, the state physical therapy practice act is silent on the use of telehealth. If this is the case in your state, you may wish to contact your state licensure board to ensure there are no limitations or restrictions for practicing telehealth.

You should also review telecommunications modalities, consider federal and state legislation and regulations that govern your practice, billing and coding issues, and hardware and software requirements.

APTA has developed a telehealth certificate series to ensure and validate that the physical therapy profession is prepared to provide excellent care via telehealth.

Also see APTA's position on teleheath.

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Telehealth Certificate at the APTA Learning Center

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APTA has developed a telehealth certificate series to ensure that you are prepared to provide excellent care via telehealth.