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New APTA TV and Radio Spot Will Promote Physical Activity and Physical Therapy

Feb 17, 2021/News

Member PTs should activate or update their Find a PT profiles before the upcoming launch.

Diagnostic Labels and Movement Expertise: An Author Interview with Dr. Shirley Sahrmann

Feb 19, 2021/Podcast

Dr. Sahrmann elaborates on her thought-provoking Point of View in a conversation that acknowledges some of the differences of opinion and controversies surrounding this vital topic.

Overcoming Isolation: Creating a Mentoring Group for Black Women PTs

Feb 19, 2021/Interview

The connections made in these groups are the building blocks for stronger connections throughout the profession as a whole.

CMS Takes Aim at Prior Authorization in Medicaid, CHIP, and Federal Exchanges

Jan 19, 2021/Review

The final rule pushes payers toward more transparency and consistent deadlines for decisions.

Founders' Day Lecturers See the Possibilities

Jan 19, 2021/News

What's one of the best ways to honor 100 years of APTA history? Talk about how bright the future looks because of it.

"Whole-Souled Devotion to Duty": An Artifact of APTA's Beginnings 100 Years Ago

Jan 13, 2021/Open Access

While Jan. 15, 1921, is cited as the founding date of what would become the American Physical Therapy Association, official records of APTA's early days didn't emerge until almost two months later, by way of the first-ever issue of P.T. Review. The review would go through three name changes over the

Study: Spinal Manipulation for LBP Optimized Via Multifidus Activating Exercises

Jan 8, 2021/Review

The study examines SMT as part of a multi-component treatment protocol — a better reflection of clinical practice, authors say.

Study: Cardiac Rehab Improves Endurance in Stroke Survivors

Feb 1, 2021/Review

Researchers say their findings back the idea that stroke should be included in the diagnoses covered by CR.

Word: APTA Offers New Resources Focused on Language Differences

Feb 2, 2021/News

We're sharing information related to patients with limited English proficiency, along with Spanish translations of APTA resources.

Coronavirus Update: Jan. 26

Jan 26, 2021/Roundup

National vaccine strategy, telehealth coverage extension, long-term COVID-19 effects, and more.