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The Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement Model

Mar 1, 2016/Column

A new Medicare payment initiative offers patients and PTs a bundle of opportunities.

Virtual Networking Produces Tangible Results

Mar 1, 2016/Feature

When the directors of rehabilitation for 3 large health care systems realized they faced common challenges, they developed a strategy to address them.

Practicing in Multiple States May Get a Lot Easier

Mar 1, 2016/Feature

PTs and PTAs who want to practice in multiple states can face piles of paperwork, long delays, and significant expenses. An interstate licensure compact system soon may offer a solution.

Joined at the Hip

Feb 1, 2016/Column

Questions about some joint moves.

Health Care Technology Today

Feb 1, 2016/Feature

A Future Where PTs Plug Their Brains Into Patients? Maybe, Say Researchers

Narrow Networks: A New Challenge for PTs and Patients

Feb 1, 2016/Feature

Many health plans are "narrowing" their provider networks in an attempt to control costs. What does this mean for individual therapy practices? That all depends.

Better Sooner and Later: Prehabilitation

Feb 1, 2016/Feature

There's growing evidence that adding a "p" to rehabilitation improves patient outcomes pre- and postsurgery and following cancer treatments-and saves money, too.

House Rules

Dec 1, 2015/Column

Which care setting is best for a rehabbing patient?

Why Physical Therapists Are Embracing Lean Management

Dec 1, 2015/Feature

A process-improvement system adapted from industry can enhance efficiency and better serve patients, its practitioners say.

November 2015

Nov 1, 2015/Magazine Issue