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With a busy schedule, exercise can fall to the bottom of your long to-do list. Prioritize self-care through the lens of restorative movement.

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El Ritmo del Bienestar – Mueve Tu Cuerpo y Escucha Tu Mente

Video (18 min.)

The rhythm of wellness – move your body and listen to your mind. Learn how to promote self-care and well-being, through the practice of movements and guided meditation, and be reminded of the importance of breathing and movement.

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Movement is Mental!

Article (2 min.)

Physical therapy sometimes is as much mental as physical. The brain is the generator of all movement and it is no secret that if you believe that you are going to get better, you’re probably are going to get better. Get tips on the best ways to “strengthen” your mental health through movement.

Why Rotational Movement Matters

Article (2 min.)

When it comes to strength training, squats and bench presses have their place. But bilateral movements shouldn't be the entirety of any workout, because they neutralize rotation. As a physical therapist, you likely already understand rotational movement, but take time to stress its importance with your patients — and remember to train for it in your own life. Let's start by recognizing the prevalence of rotation in real-world movement.

Take a Breather With These Stress-Busting Exercises

Article (7 min.)

Everyone could use another tool in the toolbox when it comes to handling stress, so here's one that you can use right now: your breath. It's easy to incorporate these exercises between physical therapy patients, or even to use alongside them when they need a little relaxation during a session. So breathe in, breathe out, and get ready for a fresh start on your day.

How Exercise Influences Your Brain

Article (5 min.)

It's common advice to go for a walk when you need a break or you're having trouble focusing. Why? General exercise activates the feel-good chemicals in your brain, including dopamine, which drives motivation and mental focus, and endorphins, which dampen pain perception and help you push through barriers. Movement also helps quiet the frontal lobes, which can unlock flow potential. All of this is beneficial when you're meeting daily with patients who need you at your best. Learn how you can use movement intentionally to unleash creativity and widen your perspective.

5 Signs Your Workout Regimen Needs more Recovery

Article (7 min.)

Does your busy day have you skipping workouts and missing the gym? If you're pumped to get back in the action, that’s great! Learn ways to ease back in.

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Mobility Exercises

Video (4 min.)

Mobility is important to keep our bodies healthy. A great way to relieve tension after completing your notes is by doing some gentle mobility drills. Join Ally Nelson, PT, DPT, board-certified orthopaedic clinical specialist of Rocky Mountain Spine and Sport Physical Therapy, as she shares her mobility plan after finishing notes for the day.

4 Ways Physical Therapy Professionals Can Move More During a Full Caseload

Article (2 min.)

For busy health care professionals, movement throughout the day is a great way to help relieve stress and stay healthy. If you're looking for ways to move more during your workday, here are four movement tips for busy physical therapists.

Tai Chi and Physical Therapy

Podcast (21 min.)

Even if you've never practiced tai chi, you've undoubtedly heard about it, and quite possibly you've seen people doing it—perhaps in a group or individually at a public park. In this episode of Move Forward Radio, physical therapist Kristi Hallisy, PT, DSc, is a board-certified orthopaedic clinical specialist, discusses how she incorporates tai chi into her clinical practice, and how its vast benefits help not only her patients, but herself as well.  


4 Ways Exercise Can Boost Your Mental Health

Article (2 min.)

As physical therapists, you easily understand and often discuss the physical component of health and wellness as it relates to injury prevention and rehabilitation. Learn how exercise has been proven to boost your mental health, too.

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A Day at the Beach – Imaginative Exercises for Kids of All Abilities

Video (25 min.)

Bria Comer, PTA, assisted by student physical therapist Mycah Berson, takes viewers to the beach through their imagination using principles of applied functional therapy in this exercise program designed to help kids of all abilities meet strengthening goals.

Fit for Practice-Self Care and Mobility

Article (2 min.)

Prioritizing your own movement throughout the day can make a huge difference in how you feel. Consider stacking daily movement with another daily habit to help you stick with it. Have you ever considered stretching while you drink your coffee? Within the article, explore a series of mobility videos that you can do in the clinic or at home.

Five Benefits of a Regular Fitness Routine

Article (3 min.)

When you're working as a physical therapist, you might feel as if your packed schedule doesn't leave time for a workout. But what if we told you that fitting in a regular workout is essential for your patients' success? After all, your health is important to keep the clinic running. Here are five things you can gain from carving out time for fitness.

3 Tips To Getting Back Into Exercise

Article (2 min.)

What can you do if exercise has fallen out of your routine? Consider these three tips to incorporating movement into your every day.

Performance Fit Series

Video Series (8 videos)

Looking for some exercise inspiration? Explore this on-demand exercise video program from Performance PT, and work out in the comfort of your own home.  

Reasons To Ride a Bike

Podcast (32:50 min.)

Learn about the benefits of adding bicycling to your life, the challenges you may face, and how to overcome them from Erik Moen, PT, owner of Corpore Sano Physical Therapy in Kenmore, Washington, and BikePT, a continuing education program for the physical therapy profession.

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An adult couple enjoying the benefits of exercise outdoors.

The Benefits of Exercise on Brain Health

Podcast (38 min.)
We apply the principles of exercise to our patients, but what about to ourselves? Learn about the cumulative effects of physical activity on your brain.

Three people biking outdoors.

Three Strategies To Maintain Health and Fitness

Article (3 min. read)
Movement experts need to move, too. Get three concrete strategies for keeping your body healthy, including guidelines, at-home strengthening and stretching programs, and an activity suitable for the whole family.

Woman Stretching

Fortify Your Mental and Physical Health By Getting Back Into a Fitness Routine

Article (5 min. read)

After a long year, many are finally able to reengage with the things they enjoy, including their fitness routine. But while the desire might be there, it can be tough to balance workload with fitness, especially for a busy physical therapist. Exercise can benefit every aspect of your life, so use these tips to find a routine you can stick with.

Improve Your Lower Extremity Soft Tissue Mobility

Video (7 min.)

Your time is valuable. Five minutes and a ball are a good place to start to address soft tissue mobility. Joe Holder, UPenn grad, Nike master trainer, wellness coach, and Hyperice athlete, will take you through a guided lower extremity soft tissue maintenance routine you can do almost anywhere.


Soft Tissue Self-care for a Movement Specialist

Video (2 min.)

We know you know, but reminders can be helpful. Listen to Lenny Parracino, certified massage therapist, fellow of applied functional science, and soft tissue therapist for the LA Clippers, describe his most meaningful wellness tips for movement.  


Time To Exercise: How To Get Back Into a Routine

Recorded APTA Live (43:26 min)
Oct. 21, 2022
Join APTA's Drew Contreras, PT, DPT, and Omi Iwasaki PT, DPT, ATC, from EXOS to learn how to get back into exercise, where to start, how to safely try something new, and how to refocus your movement plan back to you.

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